What we do

What we do


Our Association endeavours to promote the art of beekeeping and the associated environmental impacts on beekeeping and pollinators in general. Through our website, Facebook page and twitter we provide a positive approach to how everyone can contribute and help to counter the crisis which faces our native pollinators.

We can provide educational demonstrations to interested groups and can be seen at local agricultural shows trying to spread our message


Our popular beginners class provides a gateway for new beekeepers, something we actively promote and encourage

We  provide ongoing  lectures to our members to help increase knowledge and experience between beekeepers. 

In the community we can give talks to organisations and schools

As part of the national organisation we have access to structured training and qualifications


Being part of a local association, provides many benefits, but being part of a larger community helps to support you in  your beekeeping. We have members with decades of experience and education who can answer your questions, and their advice is invaluable. We also provide services regarding nuisance bees in our community and are happy to answer questions, allay fears others may have..