Encouraging children to love bees, and nature in general, is not only life-enriching for the child, it is a great way to help protect the environment for future generations.

Activity Ideas

1. Create a bee and pollinator garden together. 

Grow flowers, vegetables and fruits to not only encourage pollinators, but help to show where food comes from.

2. Make a bee house

Solitary bee houses are easy to make, and can be decorated to make it personal.  There are lots of instructions online, but here is one of our favourites: //  Alternatively, you can buy bee hotels to suit all budgets.

3. Go for a walk in nature

You can’t beat being out in the countryside or park to fire a child’s imagination.  Take time to stop and look at the plants and wildlife you see, make notes, or play spotting games.

4. Get Creative

Here are some great downloadable games and puzzles (©

Bee Wordsearch

Match the Bee to the Flower

Match the Bees

Honeycomb Word Puzzle

5. Learn about bees

Here are some great resources to help entertain, educate and inspire the young person in your life: