Disaster 2 : and apologies for the delay

Lets get the apology the of the way first. Sorry. I make no excuses, although there have been some genuine reasons for not updating the blog. In future the blog will be maintained by a beginner (me) and an auld hat , who shall remain anonymous at the moment.

My second disaster was worse in a way. All through the beginners class they go on about swarming and swarm control. Swarming is of course natural and the way in which bees reproduce. There are ways to try and prevent swarming but as a first timer its a bit overwhelming.

My wife alerted me to the swarm , my first I have seen since a child and we kissed our lovely bees goodbye (we did try following them for a bit but felt this was rather undignified and potentially embarrassing)

Later that evening we walked the road and passing the neighbor’s lane-way, heard the distinct sound of bees. and there they were, starting to setup in a drainage culvert where the Wavin plate had become dislodged. In my neighbors drive, at the post of his electric gates, just where you wind down the window to introduce yourself…Back to the house for a cup of tea and a pow wow to plan our course of action.

So, I figure honesty is best, went round and explained the situation. I didn’t mention I was only a beginner (but backed up by some awful jokes from Ben Harden) but was confident in my learnings about the bees being fairly passive when in swarm sate

Wife and I grabbed our bee-bag and a cardboard box and went to work, hoping not to have to call anyone. It went to plan. Two beginners classes from Ben and watching Jim Donogue capture a swarm on you tube, a cardboard box and my wits and I now have a viable colony (still going now )

PS. I want to apologist the bloke on the bike who saw my wife and I in full bee suits appearing out of a Wexford lane-way. he looked fine getting back on his bike.