Re swarm in hive for too long. Brendon & I had a similar problem earlier with about six frames of wild comb. Prior to starting you need to get enough empty frames to accommodate all the wild comb. Put about 3 tacks or small pins in the top bars of each frame and have enough elastic bands to encircle the frames or lengths of string with a loop at one end to do the same job, You also need a sharp knife to cut the wild comb from crown board. Carefully lift off the crown board ensuring the frames keep in the vertical place upturned crown board just adjacent to hive. Do not attempt this on a very hot day as the wax will be too soft and likely to sag etc;. Place the first empty frame in the upside down position on top of the hive, carefully cut off first wild comb and place in the frame, fix in position with elastic bands by anchoring the first end to tack and encircling wild comb and frame and then anchor bands or tie off strings, repeat process until comb secured in place and place in brood chamber. Repeat with other frames and then put crown board back on. Best of luck it is a lot easier with two people as it is a bit fiddly.